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Copper and Magnetic Bracelet

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This bracelet is made with copper rings and magnetic and hematite beads. These materials have been known to help provide some people with pain relief. Please e-mail me at with the desired length.  Rule of thumb is 1 inch bigger than your wrist.


This bracelet is made with copper rings and magnetic and hematite beads. These materials have been known to help provide some people with pain relief. Please e-mail me at with the desired length.  Rule of thumb is 1/2 inch bigger than your wrist.

Combining Healing Copper with healing magnetic power in magnetic copper bracelets seems to be a natural way to bring these natural healing powers together in one product. Below we focus on the use of copper for healing.

What About Copper and the Human Body
The mineral copper is essential to a healthy human life and for centuries people have been using healing copper to seek relief from arthritis and pain. The therapeutic value of using a healing copper bracelet has been passed on from generation to generation by those who have experienced the natural healing power of copper.

The metal copper is the third most richly found trace mineral in the human body. Healing copper is transported through our body by the ceruloplasmin protein in our bloodstream. The human brain and liver contain the largest amounts of copper, with lesser amounts of copper in other organs. We need approximately 3 mg copper per day and we don’t get it from our modern diet.

What does copper do in our body?
Copper is used by our body to support many health functions and copper deficiencies cause many health problems.

Healing copper is an essential component of the natural pigment, melanin that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes. Yes, copper helps stop our hair from turning grey and helps keep our hair thick.
Healing copper is required in our body to make enzymes that stop our arteries from hardening and the resulting high blood pressure.
Healing copper is required to support the enzyme lysyl oxidase. Lysyl Oxidase is used in the synthesis and maintenance of bone and connective tissue. If this enzyme is somehow not working properly, the maintenance breaks down. We believe that copper is essential to the activation of lysyl oxidase and supports both elastin and collagen, areas of great concern for arthritis sufferers.
Healing copper is considered to have a positive influence on blood circulation and metabolism.
Healing copper is considered a strong conductor of energy (considered an excellent combination with magnetic field therapy) as an aid for exhaustion.
Healing copper is often known as the “Love Metal”… helping us open up to Love energies.
Copper bracelets have been used for years as a healing holistic folk cure for arthritis, as copper energy and thermal copper particles are absorbed through the skin. Copper Healing Bracelets are combined with added healing magnetic therapy are worn by everyone from athletes and tennis players to golfers and grannies to improve movement and support other healthy bodily function.
A healing copper bracelet combined with magnetic therapy is a long-term solution that, via interaction with your skin, circulation, and bodies magnetic field slowly incorporates minuscule copper particles into your body while balancing your magnetic field to provide the comfort and relief enjoyed by many.

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  1. Deborah

    I have been living with varying degrees of pain on a daily basis for over a year. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis (intestinal inflammation). Also neck, back and knee pain. By chance, I met Jocelyn (aka “Jake), who let me try the copper magnet bracelet. I thought, what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose at this point. Approximately three days into wearing the bracelet I had an epiphany when I realized…”oh my gosh, I’m not in pain”. I have continued to wear the bracelet, now for about four weeks and still have no pain, which also means my energy level is way better! I’m so impressed with this therapy that I have brought it to the attention of friends and neighbors who suffer chronic pain. They are now wearing the copper-magnetic bracelet and also have positive results. Thank you Jocelyn for having the insight and the skills to make these bracelets and to share your gift with others. Deborah, Stouffville, Ontario

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